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AirFiber 4G LTE is now available for home internet from AirFiber. 

AirFiber 4G LTE allows us to deliver internet to locations previously unreachable, it allows us to reach those hard to get to locations that no other service can or will deliver internet to.  4G LTE blows through the trees where other wireless solutions come up short, AirFiber 4G LTE hits it out of the park.    Get the speed you need at a price you budget for with AirFiber 4G LTE.

  AirFiber 4G LTE is great reliable internet at an affordable price that never changes.   Get the reliability and speed you need at a price that doesn’t grow month to month.   With local support, service, and techs that don’t read from cue cards, our techs have the skills to troubleshoot almost anything.   When searching for high-speed internet service in the Twin Ports and surrounding area we get where big cable and the phone company just can’t, and won’t.   Covering 1300 sq miles of the beautiful north woods with speeds customers need, and prices they can budget for makes us the clear choice.

Having AirFiber 4G LTE service means enjoying continued access to the web, stream shows, movies, and online gaming. AirFiber 4G LTE provides a guaranteed 99% uptime with no data restrictions. By choosing AirFiber, Inc, you also have access to our live, local support team. AirFiber 4G LTE Service is currently provided to rural residences in the following rural locations Barnum, MN, Esko MN, Mahtowa MN, Moose Lake MN, Proctor MN, Superior WI, and rural Duluth MN.  (our coverage map shows our current 4G LTE coverage)

4G LTE available for self-install in the North End of Superior.  Speeds of 25/5 Mbps are available for $40/month, move your internet anywhere you need it don’t be bound by the wires of your DSL or Cable.  Modem is pictured to the right, modem is your gateway to the web with wi-fi included.

Service not available everywhere. Limited time offer. Service is available to new, residential customers who reside in qualifying markets where service is available; available to existing AirFiber customers upon new service agreement in some markets. AirFiber Antenna is required for High-Speed Speed Internet; lease ($9.99/mo. fee) or a one‐time lease purchase ($199.99+tax) option available.