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We know that Cable and DSL claim to be cloud-ready, but with 4Mbps and 256kbps respectively, they aren’t cloud ready.  They’re not even really cloud capable!  AirFiber understands what your business needs in its internet provider; your home wouldn’t have 100GB data backups, but your business would.  Our business packages are set up for the business customer with the cloud in mind!

AirFiber Business Internet is a fixed wireless alternative to the legacy way of delivering internet to your home. Traditionally internet is delivered by phone or cable over long copper cable runs back to their facilities. AirFiber Business Internet is delivered using a fixed wireless platform. The fastest point between two locations is over the air, and no one can deliver you faster to the internet.

AirFiber Business Internet service gives you the choice to have a reliable and fast internet service that does not require that you bundle it with overpriced cable television.  AirFiber gives you the power to pick alternative services from the providers you choose.

Service and offer are not available everywhere. Limited time offer. Rate is available to new, residential customers who reside in qualifying markets where plan is available; available to existing AirFiber customers upon new service agreement in some markets. AirFiber Antenna is required for High Speed Internet; lease ($9.99/mo. fee) or a one‐time lease purchase ($199.99+tax) option available.