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I can't get online with my computer ?

If you can’t get online, verify it’s not with just one device.  If you can get on with your Ipad for example but cannot get online with your computer then you have a computer issue, not an internet issue.  A reboot of most devices will resolve issues, always start with a reboot of your device.

I can't get online with any device ?

Did you remember to pay your bill ?  When you look at your radio outside has the alignment visibly changed ?  If neither of these could be potential issues then you want to start by rebooting your POE adapter and your Router if you have one.  Leave them both unplugged for at least 1 minute, and then plug the POE adapter in first, and then follow it with the Router.  Wait approximately 2 minutes before trying to access the internet again

My video is buffering how do I fix it ?

All devices are not created equal if your a serious streamer who prefers a simple point and click interface we would recommend the Roku and Amazon Fire TV as good simple to use end-user devices.  You may have a blue-ray player or tv that was sold as a smart tv, they usually are not.  Traditionally with TV’s and Blu Ray players apps are added to increase the resale value of the device, we have seen issues over and over with these types of devices.  If you really want to stream purchase a dedicated device either the Roku or Amazon Fire TV, the Roku being the more mature of the two devices.

I'm getting game lag every now and then ?

If you experience this and have your own router instead of one from us, call the shop and have one of the techs DMZ the connection, the antenna’s act as routers. When the antenna is dmz’d the antenna will hand off all ports to your router or device.  Customers installed after August 2017 have routers supplied by AirFiber which allow for full UPNP without any issues.  This only applies to customers who installed their own routers before August of 2017.

How much bandwidth do I need to stream ?

If you’re watching Netflix you would need at least 3 Mbps for 1 Standard Definition stream of 640 x 480, or at least 5 Mbps for 1 High Definition 1280 x 720 stream.