Internet Troubleshooting 101

When calling in or reporting issues here are some simple troubleshooting steps we take:

If your having an issue streaming on one device try another device, if the new device doesn’t have issues with the same service (Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc.) you have a device problem, not an internet problem.  

Always start with a reboot it’s quick and easy and resolves about 99% of issues we come across with all devices.

If all devices have an issue with a specific app (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, PlayStation, X-Box etc.) check


If your having an issue with a specific 3rd party supplied application they will be best set up to support devices or services they supply (Work Laptop, VPN, Work Phone, Cell Phones, X-Box, PlayStation, SmartTV’s etc). Our techs are only trained on what we do, and the equipment we supply.


WiFi connectivity is a big issue when your device shows full bars that’s what your device sees the router’s wifi signal at this does not mean the router sees your device the same way your device sees it.  Not all wifi devices are created equal, traditionally the smaller the device the smaller the radio.

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