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28th Feb: The Mire (2024), 3 Seasons [TV-MA] – New Episodes (6.5/10)

[New Episodes] The flood of the century unearths another body in Gronty forest and with it comes corruption, scams from the ’90s and long-hidden secrets from WWII.

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28th Feb: American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders (2024), 4 Episodes [TV-MA] (6/10)

An investigative journalist pursuing a political conspiracy known as the Octopus is found dead in his hotel room. Decades later, new details emerge.

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28th Feb: Code 8 Part II (2024), 1hr 40m [TV-MA] (6/10)

In a city where people with powers are policed and oppressed, an ex-criminal must turn to a drug lord he despises to protect a teen from a corrupt cop.

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27th Feb: Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez (2020), 1hr [TV-Y7] (6/10)

Visiting New York City, Ladybug and Cat Noir team up with American superheroes to stop Hawk Moth from stealing an ancient necklace holding untold powers.

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27th Feb: Chappelle’s Home Team – Donnell Rawlings: A New Day (2024), 40m [TV-MA] (6/10)

Donnell Rawlings riffs on toxic relationships, getting older, visiting New Zealand and his secret to co-parenting a young son in this stand-up special.

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26th Feb: Indigo (2023), 1hr 57m [TV-14] (6/10)

In order to rescue her sister from the clutches of a vengeful ghost, a woman must unlock her latent supernatural abilities and navigate the metaphysical realms.

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26th Feb: Blippi Wonders (2023), 3 Seasons [TV-Y] – New Episodes (5.45/10)

[New Episodes] To answer a burning question of the day, curious Blippi sets off on fun adventures with his faithful sidekicks in this animated series.

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26th Feb: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2017), 4 Seasons [TV-14] (7.2/10)

Brilliant but immature Brooklyn detective Jake Peralta must learn to follow the rules and be a team player when his squad gets an exacting new captain.

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24th Feb: The 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2024), 3hr [TV-14] (6/10)

The biggest names in film and television light up the red carpet and the stage for the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. (Live event in English.)

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24th Feb: Black Rose (2023), 1hr 52m [TV-MA] (5.65/10)

Ha hires a new caretaker to look after her son, upending the dynamics at home and forcing the family-owned business to confront unexpected challenges.

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24th Feb: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2022), 1hr 30m [PG] (6.85/10)

A filmmaker befriends the tiny talking shell, who sets out to find his missing family and becomes an online sensation in the process.

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23rd Feb: Through My Window 3: Looking at You (2024), 1hr 45m [TV-MA] (6/10)

Raquel and Ares can’t forget each other, even while seeing other people. Can they reunite despite family pressure in the final chapter of the trilogy?

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