New to Netflix

27th Sep: Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy (2022), 1hr 6m [TV-MA] (6/10)

Nick Kroll shares his comedian origin story, his first heartbreak, his strange hypnosis experience and the trash-talking celebrity voice in his head.

27th Sep: The Munsters (2022), 1hr 49m [PG] (6/10)

In this reboot of the 1960s sitcom, Transylvania vampire Lily falls head over fangs for loveable, lumbering monster Herman over her father’s objections.

27th Sep: Katkout (2006), 2hr 4m [TV-14] (5.4/10)

Katkout is about to be sacrificed to end a family vendetta when two government agents step in and send him on a top-secret mission.

27th Sep: Elysium (2013), 1hr 49m [R] (6.3/10)

In this dystopian thriller set in 2154, the wealthiest humans move to a fabulous private space station, while life on Earth grows ever more grim.

26th Sep: A Trip to Infinity (2022), 1hr 19m [TV-PG] (6/10)

Eminent mathematicians, particle physicists and cosmologists dive into infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.

25th Sep: The Hostage (2006), 1hr 35m [TV-PG] (5.7/10)

A young man travels to Ukraine, looking for new opportunities, but gets caught up in the kidnapping of an Egyptian scientist.

25th Sep: Tudum 2022: A Global Fan Event (2022), 4 Episodes [TV-MA] (6/10)

Watch the stars of your favorite series and films from around the world debut exclusive news during this mega fan event.

24th Sep: Dynasty (2022), 5 Seasons [TV-14] – New Episodes (6.6/10)

[New Episodes] In high-society Atlanta, staying rich means playing dirty for two affluent families caught in an outrageous feud for power, prestige and love.

24th Sep: Fullmetal Alchemist The Final Alchemy (2022), 2hr 23m [TV-14] (6/10)

The Elric brothers’ long and winding journey comes to a close in this epic finale, where they must face off against an unworldly, nationwide threat.

24th Sep: Flower of Evil (2020), 16 Episodes [TV-14] (7.35/10)

Hiding a twisted past, a man maintains his facade as the perfect husband to his detective wife — until she begins investigating a series of murders.

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